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Question: Hi I consult my doc and in nw 7 weeks pregnant and report shows yolk sac but no other growth doc said to wait 2 weeks is there any worry pls tell

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Answer: Have a hope friend. Sometimes it may be late conception. So wait for two more weeks. And also have a strong heart to accept the results. Coz i also had same problem in my early pregnancy. Bt it didnt grow as expected. But got my next within few months. He/she is healthy now. So have a trust and stay positive.
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    Farhana Jaffar553 days ago

    Thank u very much

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Question: Hi I consult my doctor and i am in 7weeks 4days pregnant and report shows no yolk sac. my doctor said to wait for 4days.i so worried about it.please tell any possible to form yolk.This is my first pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear, fetal pole and yolk sac usually appears at 7th week of pregnancy by abdominal USG. So sorry to say that in your case there is high chances of blighted ovum which means pregnancy without baby. Today 70% of first pregnancy loses is because of blighted ovum, however recurrence rate is very low.But if doctors say to wait for 4 days so there must be some hope. Lets hope for the best . You are in my preyers dear.
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Question: my gestational age is 6 ultrasound report shows a gestational sac,yolk sac and a pole but didn 't see the there anything to worry?
Answer: You don't get the heartbeat in 6 weeks.. gestational age should be min 16weeks for that
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Question: Hello, iam 5 weeks and 1 days pregnant.scan report doesnt show fetal pole and sac margin is irregular. but there is gestational sac and no yolk sac. What is irregular sac n is there any problem plz help me
Answer: hi dear! dear so this will be a non viable pregnancy dear . it wont continue so dear best is you take pills and end it dear as nothing will be formed inside. An irregular gestational sac as the name suggests is a gestational sac which does not have the well defined, regular borders of a normal gestational sac. so sorry for this . take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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