5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi .. i checked the kit it showed positive and today the test does negative .. am i not pregnant?

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Answer: Hi! Please visit your gynae once was there any bleeding in between? if not pls go as soon as possible.. Good luck!
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    deepika pishe617 days ago

    No Atoshi .. No bleeding ..

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    Atoshi Banerjee617 days ago

    Pls visit Gynae..

Answer: May b it is weak pregnancy.. Go to hospital they will confirm u...
Answer: After 50 days u have to check
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Question: Hi..... Yesterday i done home pregnancy test the result is positive n today also i checked but it showed negative..... Which one is correct positive r negative???
Answer: sometimes only of a light line appears which is also a positive . I think your pregnant because even ones positive means you are pregnant . you can take a beta HCG blood test to know if you are pregnant or not what take up another third test kit and use the morning urine
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Question: i have checked using a kit but it showed negative
Answer: Hii if u still feels u r pregnant then take one more kit and check it with ur early morning urine. And after than consult doctor once. Also do the checking after 40 'days to ur last period date.
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Question: Last Saturday i had done a test which showed a very light pink positive line... Today i checked again its a clean negative line.. What does it indicates
Answer: Hello dear, check again after 3 days. Faint lines means you conceived but sometimes due to false kit, can't detect. So better idea to test 2-3 times for full confirmation.
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