7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi! I checked for pregnancy and it is positive! I am 6 week pregnant what type of food i can add in to my diet? During these times will i have nausea

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Answer: Hello ... Dear each pregnancy is differant,some may experience nausea,some may not,both are normal,follow these diet tips it might be helpful for you.. Include folate rich whole grain,oats ,millet,green leafy vegetables, veggies and fruits will help lot in neural tube development Always have fruits after meal will increase stamina,thus prevent tiredness Have two glasses of milk daily,also include curd,paneer,tofu will increase calcium content,which is needed for bone development of fetus If you feel more nauseated or have too much vomitting,have breakfast within a hour of wakeup,add ginger,cumin to your diet will helps in preventing these issues,can also have cumin water will help a lot It is essential to drink three litres of water a day,also include soup, juices will help to prevent dehydration Include lean chicken,eggs and low mercury content fish,prefer home made foods rather than outside food, avoid papaya, grapes, pineapple
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Question: what can I eat in the 6th month of pregnancy and what type of food to avoid during these days?what about fish?
Answer: Hi! Just giving you an idea as to what can be done in the second trimester; 2trimester 3-6month Have calcium rich diet too, with the above mentioned minerals. Drink loads of water!!! Same coffee nd tea rule Start having less spicy food cause of reflux. Start having small meals. Do not keep an empty stomach. Start sleeping with pillows support. Best is the feeding pillow. Start applying anti strech marks oil on tummy breasts nd thighs Shop fr maternity cloths. Yes u can have fish, no problem in having fish,however its suggested to not have any shell fish. Prawns are shell fish too. it Causes lot of gas and heat in body. In my opinion everything in moderation is ok. So if you are feeling like eating prawns you can definitely taste some. Also avoid big fishes, they have more mercury content. River water fish u can have regularly.I had it too ,sea fish like prawns in limited quantity may b twice a month Choose small fish like tilapia which has less mercury content. Good luck!
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Question: What type Of food I have to take during pregnancy???am 11week
Answer: Dear Guidelines to follow when you are on pregnancy diet: 1. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water and juices. 2. Consume food made of whole grain. 3. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables 4. Reduce intake of sugar and sweet dishes 5. Avoid consuming alcohol You can start your day with nutritious breakfast including: 1. 1 bowl of oat meal with fresh fruits 2. 2 slice of whole wheat bread toast withh butter and omelete 3. 1 glass low fat milk or orange juice 4. A vegetable omelet or vegetable sandwich Eat a balanced meal in your lunch like: 1. Any rice dish like vegetable rice, lemon rice. 2. 1 bowl chicken curry with rice. 3. 1 bowl spinach curry with rice as spinach is rich in folic acid and iron which is perfect for pregnant women. It is common to have frequent pangs when you are pregnant. Here some evening snacks idea: 1. Fresh fruits or fruits smoothie. 2. Handful of walnuts, almonds. 3. Wholegrain bars. 4. A cup of green tea. 5. Cheese or corn or vegetable sandwich. Keep your dinner light and have it early 1. You can repeat the ideas from your lunch.
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Question: what are the diet and food must to have. I am 6 week of pregnancy now?
Answer: Up to 3rd month you can go with diet as usual..include green leafs in your daily diet and especially spinach..take fresh fruits ..potato is also good to reduce nausea..and include protin good like peas, soya chunks..take milk.. Have look on your diabete status..
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