17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i can't have orange juice for past 1 month. It create vomit sensation for me. Is it problem?

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Question: My 8 months old baby have vomiting sensation since birth, but she doesn't vomit anything. Does it create any kind of problem? Should i consult doc?
Answer: Hello! There is no treatment, it just gets better with time. One more thing is avoid force feeding. Force feeding will cause more of vomiting, hence completely avoid. Don't worry, even my son has this. It is completely fine now Take care
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Question: I have no vomit sensation is it ok or not
Answer: Hi dear it is absolutely fine. Every women and their symptoms are different . U shouldn't be worried for the sensations if u have a healthy pregnancy. MAke sure to take ur proper di e t and don't miss ur next ultrasound whicbbis viability scan to know ur baby heartbeat and yolk sac.
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Question: orange juice it is good for pregnancy? ???
Answer: yes dear it is good. Try to have it in empty stomach. Avoid making the juice sweet. Minimise sugar content
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