38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i can feel a rythamic pulsating like movement thrice or four times in a day.is it normal at this moment

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Answer: Ss dear... Its ur baby hiccups
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Question: My 9 month old baby had poop four times in a whole day.is it normal???? Can anyone suggest me
Answer: thats all right may b u r giving her solid foods wch are enuf for her to poop 4 times
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Question: I'm 20 week pregnant.Sometimes I can feel sudden movements in my belly.But it is one or two times a day.Is it my baby movement?
Answer: Dear baby's also have active and lazy days just like us. So sometimes we feel movement like baby is playing football and sometimes it's like we have to feel properly to feel baby's movement. So don't worry its completely normal. Baby's movement are important, it's can be high or low..
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Question: Hi, I m 11 weeks now..and feel sleepy most of times in day.Is it normal?
Answer: Congrats for ur pregnancy. it is purely normal due to hormonal changes and fast blood circulation body feel tired and ultimately u feel.sleepy so don't worry. Keep it diet healthy ,eat fresh fruits juices vegetables milk based products. These will give u stamina and energy to bear so much of body changes. All the best
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