11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. I an 10weeks pregnant. Mere se bilkul kuch nii khaya jata to kya isse mere baby ko abhi koi problam hogi

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Answer: Hello ma'am , Congratulations for your pregnancy . Ma'am aapko pregnancy me har 2 hrs me kuchh Na kuchh khate rahna chahiye jisse aapke baby ko energy milta rahe or uska growth sahi se ho , Agar aap khana nahii khayengi to aapko weakness ho jayegi or aapke baby ka bhi growth achhe se nahii hoga . So aapko thode thode time pe kuchh Na kuchh khate rahna chahiye or liquid lete rahna chahiye water , juice , veg soup etc . Thanku
Answer: Basically, the baby is going to take what it needs from your body so it's just most important to make sure you are getting lots of good vitamins and minerals so you have some for baby and some from yourself.  
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Question: mujhe 15,20 dino se cold h kya isse mere baby ko koi problem to n hogi
Answer: Dont worry...The baby is well protected from noises, vibrations, and the pressure caused by coughing by the amniotic fluid which acts as a shock absorber.Reduce congestion – Place a humidifier in your room, keep your head elevated on your pillow while resting, or use nasal strips. Alleviate your sore throat – Suck on ice chips, drink warm tea, or gargle with warm salt water.
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Question: hlo mam am 2 month pregnant mere KO vomitting ki problem hai daily kuch khaya nii jata kya kru
Answer: Ginger has long been touted as a stomach soother, and studies have shown that it may help quell the queasies. Try adding a thin slice of ginger to hot water or tea, or sipping flat ginger ale. Doesn't sound appetizing? Snack on a handful of crystallized ginger candy, nosh on gingersnaps or gingerbread, or find your own tasty way to soup up the root.
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Question: Kya mai apne partner k sath sex kr skti hu. Isse baby ko to koi problam nhi hogi?
Answer: Hello, Dear pregnancy me agar aapko koi problem nahi hai and Koi complication nahi hai aapki pregnancy smooth chal rahi hai to aap intercourse kar sakte hai . agar Thodi bhi complications Hai Tho its better ki delivery tak wait kare.
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