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Question: Hi i am 28 yrs old it has been almost 2 yrs of my marriage. We have been doing unprotected sex from past 2 months.I hot my period this month on 7 nov (7 days late) than other months and now i am feeling little cramping in my stomach and felt a little pain in my left breast nipple? What can this be

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Question: I am almost 15 weeks pregnant and today I started getting pain in my left nipple and this area is very dry.Has any one this feeling
Answer: Yes i feel.. but abhi to aisa hoga.. is samay me breast ka size dhire dhire bara hoga ese liey thora dard hoga. .. app brest me butter or oliv oil massage karege to thora aram milega.
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Question: I am 28 week pregnant, n feels dizziness in the morning after doing sm little work... What to do, and why this is so??
Answer: Hi dear, Dizzyness in pregnancy is could be very normal.maximum blood flow is to the uterus and less to the other parts of body.some also complain of numbness in fingers.low blood supply to brain could cause dizzyness.thanks to the pregnancy hormones.low BP could also cause dizzyness.keep drinking plenty of water as dehydration can lead to dizzyness.always sleep on your sides and never on your back.aleeping on your back could cause dizzyness by pressing the spinal nerve.hope your sugar levels are fine.keep eating smaller meals in frequent intervals to maintain your sugar levels.increased body weight makes one imbalanced too.take rest whenever you feel dizzy.
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Question: I have been feeling pain in my right breast, it is a little hard on the upper left side and there are a few white dots on my nipple as usually feeds only through this breast thus it has become a little bigger in size than the other one.kindly suggest
Answer: Hi, try to feed from both side. And if u feel heavy n hard keep some hot wet towel and sqeeze off excess milk. Usullay one breast will be bigger comparatively as u feed always from tgat side. Nothing to worry
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