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Question: Hi, i am 32 yr old, mother of 3 yrs daughter. I have regular periods, cycle of 31 days. On 20th October, i.e 19th day of my last period, mistakenly my husband ejaculate inside me without any using precaution and after that not even a drop of semen leak out. Online calculators showing my ovulation day 19th of October ( as i don't know exact date of my ovulation period). Can there is any chances of getting pregnant. After 3 days of intercourse i start feeling cramps in my abdomen without any spot and that last fpr 3-4 day. I am also feeling starving more than usual and also having frequent urination.

Answer: Hello! Chances of conceiving is definitely there. But it is too early to get the symptoms of the pregnancy. It is better to wait for the periods to miss. Then take the pregnancy test at home, this will give you a better result. Take care
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Question: i had sex on the day of ovulation and before 2 days of ovulation and after 1 day still why m i not getting any early pregnancy symptoms its been 1 week that we had sex
Answer: Wait till your monthly date. If you get periods on time means no pregnancy. And if 2-3 days passes then you should check for pregnancy.till then avoid standing too much, take bed rest. Best of luck..
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Question: Hai today is my 25th day i.e 5th November I have ovulated on 14th day i.e on October 25th my question is I am not feeling any symptoms of pregnancy is there any chance to convince without having and symptoms
Answer: hi. Yes you can have no symptoms and yet be pregnant So be patient and check using a home Pregnancy kit too.
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Question: my last period was nov7th and until now i didnt get periods and also am not feeling any nausea and its strange that for every 15mins i am feeling hungry.May i know why am feeling like that ?
Answer: Hello dear, you can check yourself through home pregency kit at home. If you got two pink lines it means you are pregnant. Sometimes No morning sickness means your baby is adjusting with your body harmonal changes.Every women takes to pregnancy different, some women have every symptom and some lucky girls have no symptoms. 
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