19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi i am 18weeks pregnent .yest went to hospital and done my regular check up.Dr given iron and calcium tablets and also take folic acid tablet also is this ok. becoz my friend told aftet given iron and calcium tablet, folic acid tablet should be stop. But my dr told me to take more than 30 days.

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Answer: Hi dear Plz do as the doctor prescribed.Every pregnancy is different and every woman is different.This tablets are for you and your babies good health.Nothing harm in taking them.All are important and when doctor feels it is not recommend Ed then she will stop. Take care Happy pregnancy.
Answer: You should follow ur doctor advice. May be you have low hemoglobin level. that's why ur doctor prescribed you. Every women body and their needs are different during pregnancy.
Answer: There s no problem in continuing both iron n folic together, it good to have all in pregnancy, No harm..
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    Sindhuja Sivamani592 days ago

    Ok thank u 😊

Answer: I also continued folic acid till 22 week along with iron and calcium
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Question: My doctor started calcium and iron tablets in 4th month . Should I stop folic acid tablet..
Answer: Yes, you can stop folic acid now. As iron tablets given at this stage contain folic acid so plain folic acid is not required
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Question: Hello my doc given me folic acid and susten tablet with metformin but no iron or calcium tablets is it necessary to take calcium tablets
Answer: Calcium and iron doctor will prescribe since 2nd trimester according to normal protocol
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Question: I m takeing calcium and iron tablets but my doc also give me folic acid and dephston tablet....should i take folic acid at this stage of pregrance
Answer: Hello! You can take folic, there is no harm in taking it. Take care
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Question: My Dr. started calcium and iron tablets and told me to stop folic acid is it ok
Answer: Hi dear, Yes it is ok.as folic acid is required only for the first trimester.once you are in second trimester,you can start with iron and calcium.
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