23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am worried I am in my 22 week not feeling the kicks is everything ok pls h3lp

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Answer: Hi. Dear. first baby kicks are felt in between 19-24 weeks of pregnancy. If you have anterior placenta it may take a bit more time to feel the kicks. After about 20 weeks, your baby should move every day, but there's a wide range of how much activity is considered normal. On some days, your baby may seem like the movements are too much while other times you may be less likely to notice every little kick and wriggle. But even during his downtime, your baby is probably moving more than you realize -- it just may be so subtle you're not aware of it.
Answer: Hie There is still enough room for the baby to move so it happens don't worry Have a sugary syrup and lie on your bed in a quite surrounding Close your eyes and observe you should feel movements by 20 mins Don't worry all is well It is around week 27 that you need to moitor your baby's movement regularly If it bother you much you can always visit your gynaclogist regarding same
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Question: i am 22 week pregnant with 2nd baby,i am feeling kicks but when my husband can feel kicks?
Answer: Hello dear. Congratulations on your pregnancy Yes it does happen that you can feel the kicks but your husband wont be able to hear. The kicks needs to strong and regular then only he will be able to hear....for you its easier to feel because it's happening in your body....but in case of your husband little bit more patience is required.
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Question: Hi mine is 22 week pregnancy.....but I am not feeling the baby kicking movements. I am worried...and in this time please suggest better sleeping positions.
Answer: Generally you start feeling your baby movements from 22nd week. but if you have yet not feeling it do not worry. you may start feeling it soon in few weeks. try to sleep on one side(any side) left or right. but the best sleeping position is sleeping on left side as it has more blood circulation to your baby.
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Question: I am 26 week pregnent...my baby is moving frequently..but kicks are not there..is everything ok
Answer: Hello, Dear baby start kicking in 3rd trimester se shuru karta hai. Abhi apko baby ki movement hi feel hogi. So chinta na kare.
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