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Question: Hi ..I am working lady planning to concieve is it safe to continue working so since which month can we work and is it safe for baby?

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Question: Hi,I am working lady and 14 weeks 5 days pregnant.My total journey hours is 3 to 4 hrs daily.So is it safe for my baby to travel regular basis?How long I can continue my work?
Answer: There is no harm in travelling if you don't have any complications with the pregnancy. Take extra care of yourself though. 1) Carry lunch and snacks so you can eat something at every 2hours. 2) Drink a glass of water at every 1 hour. 3) Don't sit for more then a hour. Stand, walk and then resume sitting. 4) Place a stool under your desk so that you can keep your feet at raised surface, this way your legs won't swell up. 5) Chances of UTI are very common during pregnancy hence carry a toilet disinfectant spray. Use it to sanitise seat. 6) Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Avoid wearing tight clothes. With proper planning and care you can easily continue working till labour.
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Question: I am 5 month pregnant. I am working lady or have to go by Auto to work.. Is it safe to journey by Auto? plz suggest
Answer: Hi.. Dear you can travel and follow your regular routine, provided you are having a smooth pregnancy. Follow a good route and be aware of jerks. Take care of yourself at work and at home.
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Question: my son is 4 years old now and i am working, so please guide is it good to continue work?
Answer: ur child big enough now... so y are u thinking about this. till this time most of the moms again start to resume their work... any specific reason
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