39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 39 weeks What is nst scan.. When and why is it performed

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Answer: Hi! NST is nonstess test, it basically records the natural baby activities or what the baby is doing naturally, a belt is tied on your stomach to check the rhythm of your heart and baby activity along with it on the rythm of your heartbeat, thr is no usage of medication and takes abt 30-40 min to record.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi i would like to know why stitch process is needed? When its performed? Will it be operative procedure?
Answer: Hi,it is usually done in the third month if reqd. It requires hospitalisation and yes it would be little painful and you will need bed rest after that. You may also get some bleeding after that.
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Question: Today m having NST scan. what does it mean? Why it is performed?
Answer: NST is non stress test. It is done to assure welbeing of baby near term. It checks baby's heartrate and it's respince to baby movements
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Question: Hi.. Im 37 weeks pregnant. Today I had my scan done and everything is normal.. Doctor has suggested for NST next week. Why is it required?
Answer: NSY means non stress test. It is suggested if the baby movements r less or if d mother is feeling less movements.
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