16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, I am 13 weeks pragnent should I use anything fruits and vegetable to baby sharpness.

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Question: I am 30 weeks pragnent. Can i take safroon and dry fruits?
Answer: Hi dear, Saffron is a very popular herb during pregnancy.though there is this myth that eat in makes the baby fair.that is not true but it has other benefits like it lifts your mood,it improves digestion,helps in nausea and also improves BP.but never consume more than 10 gm a day,as over consumption can give contractions.dry fruits are healthy ,you can have them daily.
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Question: Hi madam I am 5th week 3days what fruits and vegetable you suggest take for healthy baby
Answer: Hi dear, Most of the fruits and seasonal vegetables are healthy for your pregnancy.you can have apples,banana,dry fruits,mosambi,oranges etc.take plenty of green leafy vegetables too to ensure you receive enough dietary iron.avoid papaya and pineapple.
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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant I cant eat anything even fruits what should I do?
Answer: Loss of appetite can be dealt with in easy ways. Don't force yourself to eat, opt for smaller nutritious meals when possible instead, which helps to reduce nausea. Just keep hydrated via water or fruit juice and consume more green vegetable to prevent constipation. Also, heavy foods should be avoided that may lead to indigestion.Eat Frequent and Small Meals,Keep Hydrated,Consume Light Food Instead,Take Necessary Nutritional Supplements,Take a Quick Walk,Get Sufficient Fiber.
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant .When and which strech mark cream or oils should I use ?
Answer: U can start applying olive oil or bio oil which are better than stretch marks creams.
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