31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 31 weeks pregnant what all routine check up starts from 8th month I have missed my every 2weeks check up in this month

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Answer: Hi dear, It is absolutely fine.if you have no issues then frequent check ups are not required.i remember I went once in my last trimester.but if you have any complications then go by what your doctor says.
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    Gangaprasad Choudhari94 days ago

    But I am suffering from gestational diabetes that's m too worried

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Question: Hi ... Am in 8th week of pregnancy. When should I have a first check up.
Answer: Hello dear. You can meet your gynecologist when you are about 6-7 weeks pregnant, that means you can right away meet your doctor. All the best. Take care.
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Question: Hi...I am 31 weeks pregnant but my belly not showing much...not look like I entered in 8th month. Is this normal? It's my 1st pregnancy.
Answer: May be you are weak if u feel weakness than consult your doctor...and it can be tht ur baby is not growing properly or baby is weak so get your ultrasound done first ...their u can get known about ur babies healthy or not.czz in 8th month baby is fully developed and belly size is also much...
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Question: Hi I am 6 weeks pregnant. I got my routine check-up report today. My Rubella IgG count is 131 ( Positive ).. is it normal ?
Answer: Hello, positive" IgM test, meaning you have IgM in your blood, could be because you've recently been infected. But since rubella isn't a common illness, the test may be a "false-positive" -- you might be infected with a different virus or the test is reacting to other proteins in your blood instead. More tests can confirm the result. A "negative" IgM test usually means you're not infected. But people with a weak immune system . contact in gynecologist and seek advice.
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