27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi i am 25 weeks pregnant.today i recieved my urine culture report and its shows positive.i am so much worried.please help me what i have to do now

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Answer: hi dear! so dear means that you have the infection dear. so your doctor might prescribe you tablet taxim 200 but you will have to consult with your doctor dear. also take the reports and visit your doctor dear. and dont worry just drink alot of water dear. and also if you are using a jet spray to clean your area after peeing then i would advice you to stop using jet spray rather you can pour water from above from the tummy side . dont worry dear its a treatable thing dear. and if the urine culture is positive dear then the organism causing it will also be written dear like e coli or klebsiella pneumonia but dont worry dear its a treatable infection and your baby is safe so dont worry about it dear. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: I recently had urine culture and urine routine test. My culture reports are normal but urine routine shows 20-25 pus cells. Please let me can this impact , its my 33 week of pregnancy.
Answer: You have infection in the urine report,drink more water..if available drink cranberry juice..please visit doctor you might have to start antibiotic
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Question: My urine culture and sensitive report is sterile what does this mean. Do i have infection or not??
Answer: There is nothing serious. Actually this report means that there is no infection in your urine.
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Question: Hii..im 14 weeks pregnant.yesterday my doc told me I have low lying placenta.I am too much worried.please suggest what I have to do ?
Answer: If you have a low lying placenta at this stage, this does not mean there is anything to get worried. The placenta will highly likely be further away from the cervix at the end of your pregnancy. In your first and second trimesters, the uterus still has much growing to do, so an ultrasound late in your third trimester (after the uterus has finished growing) will give you and your doctor or midwife a better picture of what’s really going on – and if it really a matter of concern.
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