16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. I am 16 weeks pregnant not able to take milk instead of that can i take curd? Is it safe?

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Answer: Yes u may take yoghurt or curd.
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    Uday Jyothi1235 days ago

    Yes curd is completely safe and even u can take it as butter milk also

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    Neha Jadav1235 days ago

    Hii i m 10 week pregnant but i hve ovarian cyst in left over. Is it any problem during pregnancy??

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Question: Hi, I am not able to consume milk and curd. Can I drink buttermilk to substitute calcium absorption instead? I am 13 weeks preggo.
Answer: Hello dear... During pregnancy,it is essential to take dairy products,for bone health,if you have any allergy to dairy products,can have buttermilk,no harm in it and you can go for non dairy products,to increase your calcium content ,the non dairy products include ragi, almonds, Greenleafy vegetables,oranges,dried apricots,plums, prunes,soya milk ,tofu,can include this in your diet
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Question: Can I take curd instead of milk?
Answer: Dear curd is also made of milk but milk itself is important. So if you are taking curd then you can lower the quantity of milk but do take milk regularly..
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Question: Am 16 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to take saffron milk from this week?
Answer: s ofcourse.... bt in small amount ... like just 1 r a 2 strings..
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