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Question: Hi.. i am 29 weeks pregnant nd my doctor told me that ur amniotic fluid is more so better to take bed rest.. may i know how much the amniotic fluid should be...? It is 17 cms for me, is it risk..? Please help

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Answer: No problem.. it should be 15cms. Don't lift weights nd also keep some height like pillow under ur legs while sleeping
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Question: Hi im 23 weeks pregnant doctor told me that i have high amniotic fluid is it harmful plz help me.
Answer: Hi dear having high fluid can led u to feel baby movement less. So u need to make sure to monitor it nicely and make sure to keep ur bp under control. Also consult doctor as there is no as such treatment. Generally in this case doctor prefer to go for delivery after 37 th week without waiting for normal labour. Make sure to stay in touch with doctor.
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Question: From 3 days I am going to frequent urination some of my friends told me dat check that ur amniotic fluid is leaking ...how to check whether it is amniotic fluid or not??? Pls help me moms
Answer: If you're leaking amniotic fluid or your water has broken, the fluid is likely to saturate your underwear or panty liner over and over again. The fluid may be clear or contain white flecks, perhaps tinged with blood or mucus. It isn't likely to smell, however. If your are leaking amniotic fluid it won't stop and you'll get a big gush when you stand. In case you are soaking through a pad in an hour please call the doctor.
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Question: Hi,my amniotic fluid is 22 and cervix length is 2.2.Dr told me to take bed rest.By any means fluid can be reduced?
Answer: fluid can be reduced only by prescribed medicines. so consult with your doctor about this.
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