29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi, i am 29 weeks pregnant, my trunck is becoming hard , burning and dryness frequently pls give remedy for this problem

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Question: Hi I am 29 weeks pregnant and having constipation..any remedy for constipation
Answer: Hello ma'am Congratulation for your pregnancy. There are some home remedy for constipation . 1) drink more water-cooled dehydrated regularly can make u become constipation. to prevent this , it's important to drink water and stay hydrates . 2) eat more fiber specially soluble, non fermentable fiber . 3) exercise more . 4) drink coffee specially caffeinated coffee . 5) eat sprouts but don't eat raw sprouts. 6) ear green vegetables 7) eat probiotic food . 8) avoid oily and spicy food 9) try avoiding dairy . 10) take fruit and fruit juice 11) isabghol is helpful to avoid constipation . Thanku
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Question: I am 37 weeks pregnant, pls give me remedy for cough and throat pain.....
Answer: Hi Do gargle with warm water and salt to treat any throat problems..to treat for cough you can take some 1 glass milk added with a pinch turmeric powder and a pinch black pepper boiled well in 1 glass milk before bed at night fir effective result.. Also in early morning after brush in a pinch black pepper add 1 spoon honey and mix well and eat Turmeric,honey can cure any kind of throat problems as they are natural anti biotics
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Question: hi,i am 29 weeks pregnant and my AFI is 19.5cm I am worried,any problem?
Answer: yes your AFI level is at little higher side. in that case preterm labour is possible. so better stay in touch with doctor. she will perform necessary test and if needed she will extract some fluid too.
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