16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, I am 14 weeks pregnant my haemoglobin level is 8.4 so doctor suggest me to eat iron tablets. After eating those tablets I am feeling very worse it make me to vomit all day. Shall I continue the tablets?

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Answer: Iron tablet is important u can change brand by asking doctors if it. Dntsuit u....u can take natural source of iron daily like pomengrate..apple..
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Question: Hi All. I am having iron tablets twice a day and eating all iron rich foods. Still I don't see improvement in my Heamoglobin level. Can you tell me what to do and how to increase?
Answer: I don't know what kind of iron rich foods you are eating.even my heamoglobin level was low. Eat more of fig, pomegranate, dates, black dates, and bread beans and mint. Try to eat the fruits directly. Do not grind and drink it as a juice. Eating directly is more effective than drinking it as juice. Do not go for lion dates syrup it's just full of jaggery water. Eat the dates directly.
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Question: Iron and calcium tablets make me vomit. What shall I do? Quite worried.
Answer: Hi dear is this happen for some ladies even I am one among them.then I consulted my gynecologist and I need to change the timing of for taking the tablet so you could also try doing that so please consult your doctor next time and you can change the time of taking tablet
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Question: Heloo my name is dhana .I am 14 weeks pregnant. My haemoglobin is 8.4 so doctor asked me to take iron tablets which I did but after taking that I have vomitings so can you please suggest me how to avoid this.I usually take the tablets two hours after lunch.
Answer: Try taking it before going to bed so that u can avoid vomiting sensation
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