32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.... I am 32 weeks pregnant. In current Doppler study, it shows Intra uterine growth retardation, that is baby wt is not appropriate. any ideas or suggestions, anybody having same complications..pls help

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Answer: IUGR Treatments Preventing Intrauterine Growth Restriction Although IUGR can occur even when a mother is perfectly healthy, there are things mothers can do to reduce the risk of IUGR and increase the odds of a healthy pregnancy and baby. 1.Keep all of your prenatal appointments. Detecting potential problems early allows you treat them early. 2.Be aware of your baby's movements. A baby who doesn't move often or who stops moving may have a problem. If you notice changes in your baby's movement, call your doctor. 3.Check your medications. Sometimes a medication a mother is taking for another health problem can lead to problems with her unborn baby. 4.Eat healthfully. Healthy foods and ample calories help keep your baby well nourished. 5.Get plenty of rest. Rest will help you feel better and it may even help your baby grow. Try to get eight hours of sleep (or more) each night. An hour or two of rest in the afternoon is also good for you. 6.Practice healthy lifestyle habits. If you drink alcohol, take drugs, or smoke, stop for the health of your baby.
Answer: Its always better to take proper opinion from another Midwife on such cases as it varies from person to person as such there's nothing to worry much be positive.