37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... I am 37 weeks pregnant. I read in so many places that breast will leak some liquid by this time. But it's not happening for me. So I am scared that milk will be there or not after delivery. Can some one help me on this?

Answer: It will come after baby is born. Don't worry
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Question: I am 37 weeks pregnant. But my breast is not leaking any liquid. Is it mandatory to Leak before delivery??? I am scared about milk production in my breast
Answer: no,its not necessary to leak the breast..its according to every body
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Question: i am 28 week pregnant and this is my first pregnancy... i would feel the baby movement one day nicely.. but next there there will be no movement.. some some time only i will feel it.. why so?
Answer: Sometimes due to different body types,the baby movements are not felt regularly! It also depends on position of baby,uterus and placenta. If the movements were normal but stopped suddenly,u should visit your gynaec.But if sincw beginning it has always felt like this,it should not be a problem.
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Question: Hi can we include methi leaves during pregnancy, in some articles i have read that consumption of methi before 37 weeks ia not advisable. Can some one help me with this
Answer: yes dear,definately u can add methi leaves in ur food..infect green leafy vegies are gud for ur digestion..it willl relieve u in constipation which is a severe issue in earlier pregnancy..so u can eat aloo methi,methi parantha,methi malai matar or wat so ever u want.. i m in my 35th week..n i had alot of methi bunches in my pregnancy..so dnt worry n enjoy...tc
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