6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. I am 6 weeks pregnant. I have motion problem more often. Is there any problem. And please tell me the solution

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Answer: Hllo dear u r 6 week pregnant dear Due to weather u have motion problem .so avoid oily spicy nd junk fruits .take plenty of water ,juices, buttermilk,coconut water ,fresh fruits .take kichri wit Rai tarka ,u can take sabudana kichri too .take banana regularly .take its after every motion as water level should not be down. Try it dear .
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Question: Hi IAM 6 months pregnant...i have so much back fine please tell any solution
Answer: Hi dear, Back pain is quite common especially in the last trimester.dur to increase in body weight along with rapid growth of baby,it takes toll on your back.try the following tips to comfort yourself: 1- maintain a good posture 2- keep yourself active,never sit or stand in one place for long 3-hot and cold compress works to relax the muscles 4- donot lift heavy objects,which could strain your back 5- always bend after folding your knees 6- sleep in your sides 7- check your calcium and vitamin D levels 8- wear comfortable shoes or slippers.acoid heals.
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Question: I am having a more giddiness is there any problem please tell me
Answer: Hello! it is normal..you may experience it throughout pregnancy..i m giving u some helpful suggestions Avoid standing for long time..while standing keep your feets moving..get up slowly..eat regularly..avoid lying on back..wear loose n comfortble clothes n specially avoid hot baths Hope it will help you
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Question: I am 15 weeks pregnant.. vomitting didnt stop and i have pimples.. is there any solution?
Answer: It's normal vomiting s may continue to 6 months in case of some people s. Pimple s are quite common during pregnancy.dark Ness also.dont worry.after delivery it will go off
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