32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi.. I am 31 weeks pregnant.. I got growth scan done.. doctor told the head circumference is small by 1 week.. is it normal.. ? I am worried, plz suggest

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Question: Hellow doctor, i am 34 weeks pregnent, but as per my scan my baby's growth is 32 weeks, its femur length is 31 weeks and abdominal circumference is 32 weeks....i am worried..please help
Answer: Hi mom, Firstly I would like to clarify I am not a doctor. I am a mother. In your case gynecologist is the best judge. But from my experience I would like to share something with you. If baby's weight is only issue, try consuming a fistful of cashews, which will help in increasing baby's weight in the womb.
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Question: Hi I had a interval growth scan yesterday and doc told , single loop of nuchal cord is it something to get worried or panic. Am 31 weeks pregnant
Answer: No.. while the baby move around in the tummy sometimes the cord goes around the neck. But it comes out when the baby moves.. Walk more and drink more water.. No need to worry about this.. In your next scan hopefully there won't be any loop.. All the best
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Question: I got scan done today. I am 29 weeks pregnant. The report suggests that the abdominal circumference is small. What measures should be taken to increase it?
Answer: High protein diet and protein supplements. Avoid stress, caffeine. Check blood pressure and blood sugar level. Have regular ultrasound 2-3 weekly and accprding early delivery could be planned if growth stays small. Take care of baby movements
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