19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi i am 19 weeks pregnant..how does crying and stress affect my baby?

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Question: does crying and stress affect the baby
Answer: Hello dear stress will affect the baby growth.. So I suggest you to be happy, enjoy your pregnancy, keep yourself busy, be leal thy, think positive, go for walking in the fresh air morning and evening for 30-45 minutes and proper rest is important..
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Question: Hi..how Does my depression and stress affect my baby??
Answer: Hello dear... Pregnancy is a wonderful journey in which women undergo lot of changes both physically and mentally,stress can caused due to harmonal changes as well,to overcome stress following will help Keep engage you in your favourite activities,will help a lot You can have your favourite food, may also help Sleep well, insufficient sleep will increases stress Start doing Pranayam,will helps you releive stress and keep your mind calm Listen to soft music,read good books it will too reduces stress
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Question: Does crying and stress affect pregnancy
Answer: Hi,hey dear,I can understand that you get mood swings at time during pregnancy but it is advisable not to take stress as it can affect the growth of the baby it is better you keep yourself calm.listen to some good and calm music it will help you feel better you can also do yoga breathing exercises which will help you feel better and calm.
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