17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. i am 16 weeks pregnant.. doctor said low lying placenta for me and take bed rest.. Is anything complications in delivery time

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Answer: Hello Dear Low lying placenta is a common issue. It's the position in which the embryo plants itself. Usually it should be on the side or top of uterus. In my case it's lying at the bottom covering the internal OS. It usually gets resolved on its own as and when pregnancy progresses meaning it shifts few inches upwards you can't do anything to correct it. It might lead to occasional or severe bleeding. As long as there is no severe bleeding there is no need for complete bed rest. You can lead normal life doing your usual chorus like going to office doing household activities, traveling. You just need to be llittle cautious like to avoid heavy jerks, heavy weight lifting , heavy exercises. You cannot have intercourse. That's all. In many cases placenta shifts up. If not then you cannot have a normal delivery. I would advise to go through another doctor for second advise as I have never been asked for bed rest. Take care
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Question: Hi.. Is need complete bed rest for low lying placenta in 16 weeks.. dr said no need.. but i am some people said take bed rest.. so i am confused..
Answer: Low lying placenta is quite common in pregnancy..u can do moderate work...avoid lifting any weight, intercourse and other sternous activities even long travelling...u got plenty of time for the placenta to move up..so no worries it will resolve
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant and I have low lying placenta, Doctor has asked me to take Complete bed rest for a month. But would placenta move upawards if I take bed rest? Is it very serious problem?
Answer: Yes dear usually placenta shifts up as your baby will grow your uterus will expand which will help in shifting of placenta and you will need to take bed rest avoid getting constipated as well as avoid a sex now
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Question: I am having low lying placenta doctor suggested me to take completely bed rest can i sit some time
Answer: You can sit for some time..avoid stressful work , lifting heavy weights, exercises
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