30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... I am 29 weeks pregnant... and my Bp is high as per My doctor said.. what should i do to control my BP in normal..

Answer: reduce salt content in food.. .. don't take extra salt on fresh salad....
Answer: Ketna hai Bp
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Question: My bp is high and 9 month running what should i do to control my bp....
Answer: Follow these tips (1) Don't take tension... You must have some tension about which you are thinking most of the time and destroying your health so first off all stop taking tension because this will not be the reason to sought out any problem. (2) Perform meditation every day it will help in keeping you cool. And will them help keeping your blood pressure normal. (3) Exercise regularly as it will definitely help in keeping the bloos pressure under control. (4) As far as possible keep yourself away from hypertension medicines because if once you get used to it then definitely you will get addicted to it which in turn will affect your health. (5) For diet take 3 bananas every day it will help you in reducing bp. And take a glass of lemon juice every day. And don't eat spicy meal and lessen your salt intake in the meal. Hope it will help you and All the best for your healthy life.
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Question: Hey mam am 27 weeks pregnant and my bp is very high what can i do for control bp???
Answer: Hllo dear u r 27 weeks pregnant high bp s not good for ur baby .dear during pregnancy some womens have high bp some have low so dear dont take stress consult ur gyno and consult it nd take bp tablet nd try these remedies as One of the most efficient ways of managing your blood pressure at home is through exercise, it doesn’t have to be extremely intense but a solid 30 mins. of exercise is known to greatly help your body remain healthy and help your immune system become stronger. Additionally, exercise relaxes the muscles, tones your body, and regulates blood flow. Regular exercise is considered a requirement to regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar levels as well. This is not so much a remedy as it is a lifestyle requirement that when done at home helps maintain stable blood pressure levels. An added boost of exercise during pregnancy is it helps make the delivery easier, manages pain better, and helps with pregnancy-based fatigue.One of the most natural ways to help control and cure your blood pressure is by limiting or eliminating salt from your diet. When you are pregnant, your hormones are extremely imbalanced, this hurts your immune system and it also lowers the efficiency of your body’s natural functions. This means processing and digesting salt or salty foods becomes much more difficult and if the salt isn’t digested properly or is excessive in your diet, it can cause a spike in blood pressure. The reduction of salt also enhances your body’s energy levels during your pregnancy and works as an immunity booster. Eating a banana or two a day is extremely beneficial during pregnancy, not only is it a digestive aid and natural laxative, but it is also rich in potassium. This makes it extremely healthy for anyone with high blood pressure. pregnant women should eat foods rich in magnesium, like tofu, avocados, bananas, almonds, and soy milk because magnesium not only helps maintain a healthy level of blood pressure, it also plays a huge role in maintaining the integrity of theuterus during pregnancy by preventing it from contracting prematurely.
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Question: I am 5th week pregnant and feeling no symptoms but having high BP what should I do to control BP
Answer: Hi! It is too early to understand any movement of the baby, it is around 19-24 weeks when the baby starts moving and if you are referring to nausea or vomiting then please note that every pregnancy is different and so are the symptoms hence its nog neccesary to have same symptoms but high BP needs to be controlled, its very important.You need to be stress free. Try meditating.Following what the doc says is important.Reduce salt in food. Stop having junk and fadt food, avoid sweets..walk daily if possible fr 10 mins twice.. Be stress free and completely at peace. Sometimes bp can be Anxiety related. I have had high bp because of being worried whether the baby was ok etc and Dr. instruction needs to be followed.. Good luck!
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