32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. I am 31 weeks pregnant and my baby weight is 1.5 grams is it okay ...

2 Answers
Answer: Compare to normal its little less so eat 4 small meals ,milk, fruits n veggies to gain fetal gain.
Answer: Yes, it is ok
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Question: Hi doctor...I am 31 weeks pregnant....my baby weight is 1700 grams...is it enough or not?
Answer: hi , at 31 weeks should be 1.5 kgs now if your baby is 1700 grams then thats a healthy sign and no worries at all.. Eat well and be active . All the very best for your delivery
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Question: Hello, I am 26 weeks pregnant and my baby weight is 640 grams..Is it normal?
Answer: And I have oligohydramnios..Is this normal problem and my baby has borderline ventriculomegaly..Can u explain what are these and is there any connections between baby weight and ventriculomegaly
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Question: Hi.... I am 25 weeks pregnant.. my baby weight is 562 grams is it ok????
Answer: Deae ideally it shouod be around 662 grams so ur baby is slightly underweight but please do not worry babies gain weight during this phase at a very fast rate. Hope it helps.
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