8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi i am 7 weeks pregnant and i feel angry all the time. every little thing makes me angry. i dont know why i am feeling like this. will this affect to fetus? i am little worried

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Answer: Dear during pregnancy ur body goes through lots of hormonal and physical changes and due to which the anger frustation, depression, stress comes into picture. Feeling angry all the time is hence considered normal. Try to be happy, take naps during the day go oyt with family and the best thing that helped me was meditation. It helped in keeping my mind calm abd happy. Hope it helps.
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    Subha Dhiman771 days ago

    Thank you for your advice.

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Question: Hi.. I m 6 weeks pregnant now... I dont know wats wrong bt i feel like crying all the time... Dont know wats the reason for being depressed.. I dont feel like eating any cooked food items too...
Answer: Dear due to hormonal changes loss of apetite and depression is absolutely normal. Please do not worry it will get better in sometime. You try and spend some quality time with ur family and eat what you feel like eating but make sure it is healthy. Have a sliced lemon with black salt in it. This will increase ur apetite. Hope it helps.
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Question: Im 6month pregnant some times i feel very sad, dipressed, get angry and i feel like crying but i dont know why am i feeling like this. Does this affect the baby? Do i need consult doctor
Answer: Hi dear,... Crying is not bad always.infxt it is a natural stress buster.in pregnancy,women undergo lot of physical and emotional changes.due to which it is quite easy for women to get stressed and have emotional outbursts like crying.once you cry,you would feel light too.but keeping the stress on for long time is not good for you and your baby.try to keep calm and maintain peace with yourself.taje a good morning walk in light sunshine.breathe fresh air.eat good food ,talk to your loved ones ,watch your favourite comedy channel and read a good novel.be happy and cherish your pregnancy.
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Question: i m 7 weeks pregnant ....dont know why i feel lazy nd sleepy all time ...is it normal ?
Answer: Yes it is. You might feel drowsy, irritated, uneasy, lazy, not interested in doing things that you love, etc... It is because of the harmonal imbalance happening inside body. These are all part and parcel of pregnancy. Just stay happy, be calm and composed and enjoy this period...
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