40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am 35 weeks pregnant and i am taking maalish regularly now... It requires me to sleep on my back for 15-20 mins, is it ok? Hope it wont hurt my baby? I heard a nerve gts pressed....

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Answer: Dnt sleep on ur back , sit on a recliner or a sofa n take a maasage .. sleeping on ur back makes the difficult for the baby to move as ur stomach gets stretched. .avoid sleeping on ur back .. u can also take a massage while sleeping on ur side .. that is also a solution
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Question: Can i sleep on my back? Is it hurt my baby?
Answer: Hello dear When you sleep on your back while pregnant, your abdomen rests on your intestines and major blood vessels. This becomes increasingly uncomfortable as your belly — and baby — grows. The pressure from this position can cause: backaches,breathing issues,digestive problem,slow blood pressure,hemorrhoids Sleeping on your back while pregnant can also decrease circulation to your heart and to your baby. You can follow following best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy : 1. SOS – Sleeping on Side: ‘SOS’ is the mantra to follow when it comes to following a sleeping position during the first trimester- sleeping on side. If you have been sleeping on your back or your front your entire life, now is the time to adapt some changes. 2. Sleep on the Left Side: Sleeping on the side (particularly the left side) is ideal as the vena cava, which is concerned with maintaining the supply of blood is located on your right side. 3. Cushion Up: Placing a pillow under your belly and behind your back can provide a good support when it comes to sleeping position during first trimester of pregnancy.
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Question: is it ok to sleep on back ? I am 12 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hello! you should avoid sleeping on your back as the entire pressure comes on the spinal cord and also the oxygen and nutrients supply is not proper. It is recommended to sleep on sides during pregnancy preferably on the left to so that the supply of oxygen and nutrients is proper to the placenta and baby.
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Question: heard it not good to sleep on back after 20 weeks. though while sleeping I am on sides, my husband says I become straight during night. how to remain on sides even during sleep. please help
Answer: Place cushion all around so u do not turn...Keep one or both knees bent. Consider using pregnancy or support pillows between your bent knees, under your abdomen and behind your back.
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