15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 14 weeks pregnant and got stomach infection. Doc has given medi for 5 days. Lower stomach is having acute pain. Is it harmful for baby?

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Answer: No pls don't worry your gynoc would have preferred you the medications which is not harmful to baby so pls stay cool
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    Kriti Kain328 days ago

    Thanx :)

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Question: hi, I am 25 weeks pregnant, I am having urine infection... is it harmful for baby
Answer: Hi, Yes indirectly your baby’s health is at stake as the infection left untreated can spread to kidney or can get into blood flow. However if proper medications are taken then there is nothing to worry. The functionality of kidney slows down during pregnancy therefore it's important to drink more water to prevent such infections
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Question: Hi i am 10 weeks pregnant. Since 2 days i am having lower abdominal pain which is slight and not continuous. Is it harmful. I m worries
Answer: Hello... Dear in pregnancy, stomach or abdomen pain happen due to stretching of muscles, it is normal, it can also happen due to dietary changes, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Have 5-6 small meals Drink 2-3 litreof water a day Include more fibre rich food, fruits and veggies Avoid oil, fried, gas related food You can also drink cumin water, buttermilk If you have severe pain, please consult doctor
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Question: I am 5 weeks pregnant and i got stomach pain. Why is it?
Answer: Don't worry dear... Its called morning sickness.... Actually the hormones which are forming your baby's body... The same hormones are causing you this pain... Its ok take good rest... Its all temporary only
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