31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 31 weeks pregnant... Already I have gained 15 kgs weight... Pls let me know what is the desired weight gain and how should I manage

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Answer: The desired weight gain during pregnancy is 10-12 kg,,,,if you are gained so much,,,,reduce the calorie rich food items
Answer: 10kg is optimal weight gain.. It's for full term but now u r in 31st week only..slow walking is best
Answer: Weight gain thru full pregnancy is btwn 20 to 30 kgs depending on your previous height & weight..
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Question: Hello I am gained too much weight please let me know the perfect weight lose tips and diet too
Answer: It is not easy to lose weight. You have to maintain a low carbohydrate diet and should drink lots of water throughout the day and after each meal have a glass of lukewarm water. Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water. Exercise that you can pregnant at home please walking for 30 minutes followed by 10 to 15 minutes Surya Namaskar Aasan. Sharing my diet chart, hope it will help. Breakfast 1 egg, 2 whole wheat bread ,1 slice cheese small katori plain yogurt Snack 2 sugarfree crackers,1 green guava Lunch 1 roti, 1 medium size bowl chiken stew, 1 small katori curd Evening snacks 50 grms cottage cheese, Small kiwi/ 4 strawberries Dinner 2/3 cup quinoa/ daliya, 3 to 4 pcs grilled chicken or fish, 1 cup spinach soup/ tomato soup, 2-3 strawberries/ any berries
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Question: I have gained almost 15 kgs in 5 months. What is the ideal weight gain and how to control it now from increasing so much??
Answer: If ur normal weight we should gain 10 to 12 kgs during entire pregnancy Don't reduce the weight during pregnancy its not good for baby. If you can feel you are gaining more weight maintain it. Only eat healthy food like fruits and nuts. But Don't eat junk foods. Drink plenty water , Avoid Carbs.
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Question: How much weight should be gained till 24 weeks? I have already gained 9 kgs till now. Are there any risks?
Answer: U are gaining excess weight as per weeks of pregnancy. You should gain 10 to 12 kgs in entire pregnancy. Maintain low carbohydrate protein rich diet. It is the only way to control on your excess weight gain.
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