27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi, i am 27 weeks pregnant 3rd gravida with first miscarriage,i am on totally bed rest, having cervical sutures... i had small drop of brown colour discharge with normal discharge.... movements ate

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Answer: ohh daer your pregnnacy is full of complications but dont worry there is nothing much to worry on. yes you have miscarriage history so you need to take rest as much possible. and it may leads to early cervix dilation so better on bed rest and cound fetal movements
Answer: movements are normal.... i just stick to the bed.
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Question: I am on my 5th week. I have noticed thick brown discharge since yesterday. Im on complete bed rest untill 3 weeks. Is this normal? What causes this?
Answer: Hi dear! So in pregnancy there shouldn't be any discharge taking place. These brown discharge is when the progesterone gets low and it's just some old blood coming out. So don't worry. You can take a progesterone tablets for this like duphaston but do consult with your doctor before taking this. Take care dear.
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Question: I am having discharge with brown colour.. is it normal
Answer: At this stage it is mucus plug discharge which is considered as a sign of labor. However the labor pain may take upto a week to start but this is the initiation. Please let your gymae know about it. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 19 week pregnant, I have little bit brown discharge with necrotic tissue slight! I am on bed rest! My placenta is lower! So is it normal?
Answer: Plz visit doctor immediately and if possible stay there for hospitalization as long as required.
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