8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. i am 7 weeks n 1 day pregnant. Today my ultrasound scanning shows fatel heartbeat 92 bpm. Dr suggested another scanning after 1 week? Is any problem in my baby's heartbeat ???

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Answer: 92bpm is very low... May be it will increase after a week thats doc tor suggester after a week take another scan
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    jaya lakshmi62 days ago

    OK, thanks for your reply

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Question: I am 7 weeks pregnant. Last day done transvaginal ultrasound. It shows I am 4 week 5 days pregnant only.. Also there was no heartbeat.. Dr told to wait and see for another 2 weeks.. Will there be any problem?
Answer: Hi Dear! Please wait for 2 more weeks to take another test, there could be heartbeat of the baby. There are many such cases who get fortunate to experience the heartbeat after some time. Wishing you the best!
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Question: Hi, i am 8weeks pregnant but during scan it shows only 6weeks 5days growth . My doctor suggested another scanning. If there is any problem in pregnancy?
Answer: There is no problem... Do not do too much scan...it can cause ur baby harm
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Question: Though I am in week 7 and 1 day now, my ultrasound shows progress of 6 weeks 1 day with fetal heart rate @~122 bpm. Doc has asked to rescan after a week. Is this ok?
Answer: Hi dear, When one conceived late in that cycle ,often this mismatch happens and it's normal. foetal heart rate is fine too. let's see in next scan If it improves.please donot take stress these things are normal at initial stages.your baby passed viability scan,so not to worry.
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