34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am 33 weeks 4 days now I am taking full bed reast beause of short cervix. Doctor said next visit to take ECG and cardiology opinion it's need for 34 th weeks .

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Answer: Hi dear since your cervix is short that is why your doctor has asked you for full bed rest you have not mention that if you have done the cervical cerclage or not and if the next visit for the ECG and cardiology needs to be taken then please listen to your doctor and do as he says .. Hope this helps
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Question: I am 5 th week pregnent. Dr said take bed rest. That means do i need to take rest always in bed
Answer: It's mean you can't do heavy work like lifting heavy items, mop the floor in sitting position, don't climb stairs to much, don't stand or sit too much
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Question: Hi, I am 25weeks pregnant. I was diagosed with short cervix 2.2 cm with funneling.I had cervix cerclage for that.After operation My cervix length is 2.8 cm. How long I need to take bed rest ..any idea?
Answer: Hello, Dear that is a good thing that you get a cerclage. After the procedure you need at least 2 to 3 weeks of complete bed rest and even after that you need to take some precautions like don't lift heavy things avoid bending over and walk only a little. After the procedure you can enjoy a healthy pregnancy but don't forget to take extra care of yourself .. enjoy your pregnancy..
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Question: I am now 15 weeks pregnant... When is the next doctor visit and checkups required? Is there any need of scans?
Answer: You should go now, and scanning has to be done now, for 45 days only u should go.
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