25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi. I am 24 weeks 5 days preg. I had vaginal scan yesterday. This morning when I woke I found a drop of fluid progress and coloure less., coming out of me. it was not urine. I am scared now. any idea what it would be ?

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Answer: If you notice a warm clear fluid suddenly flowing out of your vagina, it could be your water breaking. Usually, the amniotic fluid sac in which your baby is floating ruptures about 24 to 48 hours before labor starts. Sometimes, this fluid could be mistaken for urinary leakage or an increase in vaginal discharge, both common during pregnancy. If you’re not sure whether this is a urine leak, discharge, or a break in the amniotic fluid sac, you can perform this simple test at home: Go to the bathroom, empty your bladder and then put on clean undergarments and a large panty liner. Once done, lay down for about half an hour and then stand up. If your water is breaking, you will likely wet your panty liner again when you stand up. If the panty liner remains dry, then what you’ve experienced could have been a urine leak or just extra vaginal discharge. In all cases, consult with your doctor to clear up your doubts.
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Question: Today 7th week starting for me and i had a drop spitting in the morning first urine after that i didn't have. Same way when 6th week started also i had a drop spotting in the morning first urine. When i asked my doctor last time when it spotted she told its normal and need not worry. I m scared .someone pls help me
Answer: Hi as spotting is normal during pregnancy as it is due to increased blood flow to vagina and if the irritation in cervix may cause spotting. So don't worry it's normal. You maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated and take proper rest. It will help. Take care
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Question: I am 33 week of pregnant...when i passed urine i found a drop of blood...i am worried is it safe?
Answer: Hi. Blood in urine could be because of 1. Intercourse the previous day 2. Urine infection 3. Baby related If it's just one drop, probably urine infection. Observe for 1. Cloudy urine 2. Pain while urination 3. Burning after urinating 4. Back/lower belly pain 5. Fever or feverish with shivering If so, a simple urine test can confirm. Your doctor can give medicine for clearing that infection. Also, drink lots of buttermilk, and tender coconut. It will help flush out the infection. If you observe more bleeding, or brown or red discharge, or a popping sound and then heavy urination, please visit the doctor immediately.
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant. I got pregnant because of ivf. I had spotting day before yesterday. Now stock blood is coming out along with susten vaginal tablet
Answer: Please don't worry spotting can be due to the cervical irritation during the IVF procedure But any bleeding during the pregnancy should be evaluated so you should consult your doctor and get it checked
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