9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I am 10 weeks pregnent, are dere any vagainal examinations required to check d bbys growth n also if all is good with the bby, like any health issues etc?

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Answer: hello dear no problem..if it is required your doctor will suggest you and also your simple ultrasound scan when doctor suggest that will be clear with baby weight, heart beat and position dear dont worry
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    Poonam Puri Verma1216 days ago

    Thank u Supriya

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Question: My baby is 10 month old n she is not intaking breast milk at all from past 2 months back. She is taking solid food n toned milk. Ll b there any health issues if doesnt tak breast milk
Answer: Hi dear there is no such health issue if baby is taking solid food but don't give toned milk as it can be difficult for ur baby to digest as it has heavy protein which ia not easy for ur baby to digest. U should give formula milk to ur baby. Soild food play an important role after 6 months of age for ur baby to gain proper weight.
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Question: M 9 weeks pregnant n my baby's heart sounds are feeble n growth is also slow. M taking enough meals n all. Is there any chance of miscourage?
Answer: hello dear usually some pregnant ladies take time to adjust to develop their baby hear t beat around 10 or 12 weeks .. so wait fr that and consult your doctor.. trust and follow your doctor suggestions
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Question: Hi... Up to how many weeks doctor wait for normal delivery if we don't have any health issues n baby and mother r good
Answer: You have to wait for at least 40 weeks for the labour pains to occur
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