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Question: hi I am 8 weeks 2 days pregnant with 7 week fetal but no heartbeat in ultrasound ,but the fetal is increasing and no bleeding no cramps.all the reports are normal should I worry about it...

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Answer: Hi dear usually Heartbeat is detected a between 6 to 9 weeks of pregnancy and at times after 9 weeks as well so if you are already 8 weeks 2 days I am sure your doctor must have asked for another USG within sometime to check if the Heartbeat grows but if the baby is growing well and there is no bleeding only the Heartbeat is missing I hope that you are also on supplements which is directly related to the growth of the baby please take it on a daily basis or as prescribed by your doctor and I hope that in the next USG you get to detect the heartbeat.. All the best!
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Question: Hi I m 8 weeks 2 days pregnant with 7 weeks fetal with no heartbeat but the size of the fetal is increasing . no bleeding no cramps do I have to worry about it....
Answer: Don't worry now, Doctor will be able to spot it on screen between 5 weeks to 7 weeks. In some cases it has found in 9th week also. So, you have much time, I suggest you, wait for 1 more week and go again for scan, hope it will work. Good luck and Take care urself...   
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Question: mene kal ultrasound krwaya tha.. according to reports i shd be 8 weeks 2-3 days pregnant but doc noted during ultrasound as 7 weeks 4-5 days.. n baby's heartbeat is 160....is there anything to worry about
Answer: Hi dear it is absolutely Normal. Few days difference is fine as we can't get an exact date of conceiving but take last mensuration date for pregnancy. Also heartbeat from 110 to 160 is fine.
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Question: M 6 week pregnant.. Ultrasound done on 5 week 2 day.. But there is no heartbeat... Should I worry about it.. Or it's k
Answer: Don't worry it happens in the cases of late conception of the all maybe your periods were regular before delivery heartbeats are usually appreciated around 8 to 10 weeks Continue taking medicine and take rest Repeat scan after 2 weeks to see the status. All the best
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Question: I am 7 weeks r days pregnant. I took ultrasound, fetal heartbeat is good but amniotic fluid is very less around the fetal. Please suggest me how to increase it and anything to worry about it.
Answer: No dear dont to woorry drink lots of coconut water ask ur docter to give medicine for improving fluid eat juicy fruit and after two weeks go for another ultrasound to seen improvement .
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