7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I am 5 weeks 2 days now as per u/s but no fetal pole ,is it ok ?

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Answer: At about 5-6 weeks ultrasound, a tiny structure termed the fetal pole becomes visible, along with a ring-shaped structure called a yolk-sac. At 6 weeks there should be a visible fetus, yolk-sac and the visible flicker of a fetal heartbeat. Dont worry get ur ultrasound done again.aftr 7-10days
Answer: Hello You can see the fetal pole is identified at 8 weeks through abdominal ultrasound and 6 months through vaginal ultrasound. Stay relaxed n think positive u ll see ur baby soon
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Question: hi i am 5 weeks 2 days pregnant as per u/s no fetal pole visible in u/s ,is it fine ?
Answer: Itni jaldi nhi dikhayi dega 7 week me check krwana okk
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Question: Hi i am 5.2 week pregnant i did ultrasount no fetal pole is visualized as well as no cardiac activity only gestational sac is seen is it ok
Answer: Hi! If you have been to Doctor for the USG at 8 weeks and only gestational sac is seen without fetal pole, there are chances that the Doctor might ask you to do a Transvaginal Ultrasound or another USG as this could be able to detect the fetal pole. Its normal in many pregnancies, dont worry do as the Doctor say. Good luck!
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Question: 5 week 5 days pregnant but no fetal pole seen in usg is it normal?
Answer: Go for a repeat scan at 8-10 weeks. You can see what you wish for. Don't worry it may be too early now.tc
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Question: As per LMP I am 9 weeks 5 days Scan shows 6 weeks 3 days. With fetal pole and yolk sac but no heartbeat. Is such a large difference common? I am too worried.
Answer: What scan shows is your week...when was your LMP... baby's heart will begin to beat from 5weeks itself but you can only hear the hearbeat from 9 or 10weeks in the ultrascan... so..you need not worry..
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