12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am 12 week pregnant , subchronic collection found in my sonography report, doctor suggest me to take complete bed rest for a month, subchronic hematoma its dangerous to baby health , how much time it vl take to recover

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Answer: Hi, it's not dangerous for baby, u take bed rest it will reduce. Don't worry at all. U must have done a sonography in that doctor will see that Ur baby is fine. To recover it takes around 15 to 20 days.
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    tasneem azad669 days ago

    Thankyou so much

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Question: Am 9 week pregnant minimal sub chronic collection is seen in ultrasound. Doctor suggest me complete bed rest. Am worry or not??
Answer: Please don't worry about this subchorionic Hematoma it is usually seen in the early pregnancy but it resolves on its own never harms the baby it is only due to the change in the position of the placenta please follow your doctor advice and continue taking bed rest and avoid physical exertion excesive bending and any other exercises. Along with this continue taking progesterone tablets. Repeat the scan to see whether it is dissolving or not Take care
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Question: Iam 16 week pregnant dr told my uterus little open and put stich how much I should take rest now iam in complete bed rest
Answer: Hi dear yes u should stay complete on bed rest and avoid anything spicy or oily. So that u will not have any digestion issue. Make sure to maintain proper hygiene and don't work at all to have a healthy pregnancy
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Question: I have the problem of separation of plasenta, and blood collection , doctor said take bed rest,its fine to my baby
Answer: Hi! A haematoma separates the placenta from the uterine wall its like a clot and retroplacental means its at the backside of placenta. However it depends on the size or chances to grow further to know how risky your pregnancy is. You can expect bleeding in this condition, hence Dr might ask you to take bed rest completely and no strenous work will be allowed, Dont be dissapointed there are successful birth stories with the same condition. More power to you!
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