15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am 16 week pregnant so can i drink cold drink beacuse mene do 3 din lagatar cold driink p hai to kia safe hai y

Answer: Anyone plzzz rply me
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Question: Hi m 27 week pregnant can I drink cold drink?
Answer: Hello! No soft drinks during pregnancy.. u can drink fresh juice and if it is home made it wud be better.. soft drinks contain preservatives which is unhealthy.. moreover it may leads to gestational diabetes as it contains lots of sugar..
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Question: Hi, I am 16 weeks pregnant. Can I drink tea?
Answer: Hi dear, Drinking a cup of tea in a day,won't be an issue.make sure you donot over drink tea,as it has caffeine.
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Question: hi... I am 10 weeks pregnant... can I take cold drink... is it safe
Answer: Avoid gassy/ carbonated cold drinks, especially the artificial sweetened ones. Carbonated drinks are one of the common triggers of heartburn. It can also lead to poor appetite, sluggish digestion, abdominal pains and cramps or even diarrhea. This can be undesirable for pregnant mothers as the growing foetus requires large amounts of vitamins and nutrients from the mother's body. Instead of taking cold carbonated drinks, a pregnant women can take cold milk and dairy products that provide a large amount of calcium needed to build the baby's bones and teeth. Carbonated sodas contain caffeine, which in large amounts has been linked to miscarriage and also they are the source of empty calories only!
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