20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am 20 week pregnant my tummy is hard and sometimes paining i am suffering from gas n bloating not feeling hungry pls ols help ne on this

Answer: Hello Dear no gastric problem do not harm baby but it may cause inconvenience to yu.Yu need to take proper and healthy diet. *Currently yu can ajwain with black salt it will give yu relief immediately. *Yu can also take cumin water with sugar on warmer side post eating lunch *Try and walk after yur meal it will reduce bloating. *Yu can cut lemon put little black salt, black pepper and grinded jeera powder roast on small flame and suck. *Being hydrated with juices, coconut water helps a lot *Eat smaller meals in shorter time. *Avoid oily,spicy food n also veggie which cause gas like broccoli,cabbage,potato. *Drink chilled milk always If still yu have no relief then meet yur doctor she may prescribe some anti gastric medications. Take care
Answer: It's normal only
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Question: I am 19 weeks pregnant suffering from severe gas and bloating problem.pls help me on this
Answer: Hi! Bloating gastritis is a common problem in pregnancy.. Keep something to eat besides bed while sleeping at night. First thing in the morning instead of getting up(sitting) put something in mouth and chew properly for a minute or so (lying on bed itself) and then get up and sit ..it helps a lot in settling down acidity and gastritis. *Cold milk without sugar.. 2 3 sips after every hour, vanilla icecream. *I had major acidity during pregnancy. Dont have spicy food, have small frequent meals, and Chilled milk in small sips, eat saunf after meals help alot, avoid canned juices, have coconut water, chewing gum can give temporary relief, you should have dinner early at least 1.5-2 hours before sleep can drink a glass of cold milk before sleeping will help a lot... Good luck!
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Question: Hi i have suffering from gas n constipation. Pls help
Answer: Hi dear Happy to help you Gas and constipation is a common sign in pregnancy and after that as u need to take utmost care of ur self as if ur have gas its transferred to baby from the breastfeed. So avoide eating gassy things such as dal, chana masala, potatoes, cabbage ,cauliflower etc etc. And for constipation u can have a lot of bananas and drink a lot of water and avoid eating apples. Hope my answer was helpful
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Question: Hi i am 17 weeks pregnant feeling hungry but not feeling to eat and sometimes i feel stomach pain and my tummy is not visible yet..
Answer: Feeling hungry and not able to take food is normal during pregnancy. Tummy momma wait 2-3 weeks more. It may be girl.
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