18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I am 17 week pregnant .my question is ; should I read only pregnancy related books? or I should read literature, fiction, comedy books ??because I like fictional books much more than other types.. please suggest..

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Answer: Hello! My suggestion would be do what ever you feel like. You should enjoy your pregnancy and for that read which ever book makes you happy.
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    vijaya latawade930 days ago

    Thanks... it's helpful..cause we ofter read on net,that we should read geeta n all pregnancy related books.. which i don't have interest in..

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Question: Hi doc i m 7 week pregnant .wat types of books i should read during this time .
Answer: गर्भसंस्कार by वैद्य श्री बालाजी may have good impact on your baby hence make sure you read something that keeps you stress free.. Humor is a nice choice and ho for पुलं देशपांडे ,द ता भोसले, द मा मिरासदार You can also read poems by poets such as मंगेश पाडगावकर. hope it helps.
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Question: Hello everyone my wife is pregnant please suggest me some good books to read during pregnancy
Answer: Read KRISHNA DEVOTHAMA PARAMA PURUSHA book... but its better if someone reads for her n she just lie down n listen.. but after bath only read it... dont read it wen u eat non veg
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Question: Im 20 weeks pregnant now .... Ppl suggest me to read books bt i dnt knw what kind of books can i read bible or bagavat geetha like or slogans or story books or any subject oriented books ? And please tell me wat ll happen to my baby if i read books nd listen songs ....
Answer: If u read it satisfice u. If u listen both get benefit.
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