12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 12 week pregnant. my 9th week's ultrasound report shows no corpus leuteum in overies. Can i travel??

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Answer: Hi kindly elaborate your question or please ask in a language you are comfortable in. Like hindi?
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Question: My overies are not showing corpus leuteum i am 13 week pregnant can i travel???
Answer: It is a cyst that forms on your ovary when you ovulate and stays there until the placenta has formed enough to take over progestrone production for the baby. Mine is 5cm so my OB is keeping an eye on it. It is totally normal and normally disolves back into the ovary. However,one of my friend didn't have but she had no problems and wasn't prescribed anything. Her son is super healthy and active too. So I don't think there is much for you to worry about. Enjoy your pregnancy.
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Question: Hi I am 12 weeks pregnant. My ultrasound report shows low lying placenta. What to do please suggest me.
Answer: now its normal.. they ll scan u in 20 weeks tat time its low lying placenta means again they ll scan in 34 weeks. placenta ll move till 34 weeks.. dont worry. take rest till you complete your 3 months .. and after that consult your gyne.. i too had low lying placenta but did all works.. my dr didnt say me to be bed rest... but its according to our body.. so only the gyne knows.
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Question: I am eight months pregnant and in my ultrasound report shows my baby is weak ,what i do now
Answer: Congratulations mam, Can I understand your worry, ple take health blood,from now on words baby growth will be very good,don't be tensed,you tack nut's, daily two glass milk with badham powder, green leef vegetables, meet,lake fish,boiled eggs,take more water, take care.
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