17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. I am 17 week pregnant.. I was feeling pain in my navel after intercourse. Do i need to worry?

3 Answers
Answer: Better to avoid sex if there is any pain or discomfort
Answer: If u have pain don't continue upto 3 months
Answer: Visit doctor
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Question: Hi i am 22 week pregnant, and there is slight pain in my navel, what should i do?
Answer: Hi dear, Naval pain is common during pregnancy as the pressure due to uterus expansion,could even protrude the naval out.but this is not for everyone.depwnds on how the uterus expands . occasional pain is common ,not to worry .during now you could also expect false la or pain,call d Braxton and hicks.where the stomach would becomes hard and relax at times not to panic these are normal too.do some light circular massage around the naval with some oil
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Question: I am 5th month pregnant and i am feeling a little pain in right side of my stomach do i need to worry? Please answer asap
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Twitches and mild pain in stomach here and there during pregnancy are normal. You will need to see a gyne if the pain is extreme or persists for days. Otherwise, we women tend to overthink even if there is a mildest of pain somewhere during pregnancy. But all is well as our bodies are strong enough to deal with all these. Accept the fact that your body is going through the biggest change. All the best!
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Question: Hi, I am 17 week pregnant I am not feeling movments what to do suggest me
Answer: Hello... Dear usually fetal movements start from 15-25weeks,but in case of first pregnancy,you will start noticing close to 26 week only,so it is perfectly normal, don't get worried, fetal movement may be like butterfly click, twittering,swigg or roll
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