26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am 25 week pregnant. I had lot swelling on my legs n feet. From 2-3 days i have walking for 3-4 kms at regular intervals n swelling has disappeared . Is this normal . I am worried whats wrong of sudden

Answer: Yes dear it's absolutely normal. don't worry. Try to walk at intervals rather thd waking at a stretch.
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Question: I have swelling in my both legs like a lot more since yesterday no swelling on face.. wat does this indicates.. worried a lot..
Answer: Swelling are common during pregnancy due to a number of factors. The increased weight on the feet causes feet to swell. There are also a number of hormonal changes taking place during pregnancy that can cause it to swell. Also during 3rd trimester, excess swelling cud b due to increased blood volume and circulation. Our prego bodies are working very hard during this last trimester to pump blood and sometimes the increased pressure in the veins leading to the extremities causes swelling. Deficiencies in folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin B-12 can contribute to it, so pls get urself checked fr tat I suggest you keep ur feet in running cold water for 2-3 times in a day or use a bag of frozen peas against the painful area on your wrist. Gently exercise to move the excess fluid, and keep your legs raised whenever possible. Drinking chamomile tea could also help. Exercise & massage helps to relieve the pain.
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Question: I have swelling in one leg..from thigh to feet..other leg has no such symptoms only slight swelling in feet..can sokeobe suggest why this has happened and can be done to cure this. I am 36 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hello dear Swelling is normal in pregnancy. Swelling, which is also called edema, is experienced in the hands, face, legs, ankles, and feet. But sometimes this swelling can be serious. It is due to your body hanging onto excess fluids, especially in the hands and fee Diet to control swelling : 1 don't sit and stand for long time 2. Drink more water 3. Drink less caffeine 4. Exercise regularly 5. Balance ur electrolytes
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Question: Hello I am 35 weeks pregnant. Can we do waxing on hands and legs. Although I had swollen feet and had itching on my arms and feet in my seventh month. But now only swelling is left and no itching.
Answer: Hie the swelling and itchiness is due to increase in blood volume The increase in blood volume makes your skin more sensitive and itchy now that you are pregnant, because of hormonal changes This may mean that waxing might be more pain full than usual so best avoid it
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