39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 39 week pregnant feeling stomach is very tighting

2 Answers
Answer: Its common during this month.no need to worry...please check baby movement.
Answer: Baby movements are there
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Question: Hi ,i am feeling my stomach tighting and releasing frequently in a day why? What is the reason?
Answer: Hey Lovely, It could be your uterus expanding a bit more, Baby changing position or it could be Braxton Hick contractions...Dont worry these are just practice contractions and normally go away after a while, They can come and go during the day.
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Question: Hi I am 37 weeks pregnant...I am having stomach tighting..what's my problem?
Answer: Hi dr its good to have stomach tighting..its the sign for normal delivery
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Question: Baby movements is less.. Tighting. Hard feeling in my stomach
Answer: Hi dear, in final weeks baby used move less compare to previous week. If you cannt feel baby movements for an entire day immidiately talk to your doctor.
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