38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am 38 week pregnant,done a scan today and report shown placenta posterior grade 3 and AFI is 20 ? Is it normal

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Answer: Around 38 weeks of pregnancy. It is usually not seen before 37 weeks. A grade III placenta is known as a severely calcified placenta. At this stage, a formation of indentations or ring-like structures can be seen within the placenta. AFI 20 A bit concerned. It means that fluid on high end but still normal range.
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Question: today done sonography...shows placenta posterior...grade 3,baby weight is 1384...is it normal?
Answer: U can expect early delivery as ur placenta has matured to grade 3 in 30 th week.. usually it should b at grade 3 after 36 week.. weight is ok.. still u hv to take healthy diet to increase it
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Question: Hi my placenta is posterior grade 3 and Cephalic presentation in report so it's normal?
Answer: hi dear! so yes your report seems to be perfect you dont have to worry everything looks good. the placenta is on the posterior wall which occurs normally and the maturity of the placenta is grade 3 which is also normal . the placenta ages as the pregnancy continues. so grade 3 normally is after 38 weeks of pregnancy so yours look perfectly fine. and the baby is excellent as its in the cephalic position which means in a head down position. so everything is good! take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: Hi im 21 week pregnant to done anomal scan the report show placenta posterior and cephalic presentation its normal?
Answer: Yes...it's Normal.my pregnancy scan report also same.i have a beautiful baby girl
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