15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am 15 week pregnant. Can i take amala murabha during second trimester. Plz suggest me.

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Answer: Hello! You can take amla murabha but in moderation. If sugar is added then avoid in case you have diabetes. Take care
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    ricki kaur59 days ago


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Question: Hello ma'am..i am 17 week pregnant monther..can i eat maggi during second trimester?
Answer: Hello dear. Maggie is made of maida which is difficult to digest . Taste maker contains ajinomoto Ajinomoto can majorly affect the development of the brain in the fetus. Hence, it is advised to avoid its consumption to a large extent to protect the growth of the baby. It would be better to avoid. Take care.
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Question: Can take Ivy guard during second trimester?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. However make sure you have in moderation. Take care.
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Question: plz suggest safe exercise during second trimester..
Answer: Walking is a safe exercise Do some light exercises as that will help your body and mind.  Avoid postures that involve heavy use of abdominal muscles and backward bend. Exercise strengthens your abdominal and pelvic muscles which promotes an easy delivery. While exercising, change your position slowly to avoid sudden jerks. Do not exercise if you are not feeling well or feel any pain. but in legs pain you can do. Light yoga, meditation and breathing exercises like pranayam help immensely. Consult your doctor before you start exercising and especially if you have diabetes, heartdisease or asthma. Except these exercise put your legs in to warm water with little salt for some time.
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