13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I am 12 week pregnant but I am not feeling any heavy ness in my lower abdomen but earlier I was feeling but from last 2 two days I am not feeling any thing is it normal

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Answer: 12 weeks you won't feel much heavy. And it's different from person to person. Don't worry. Frequently doctor will check your baby heart beat. Soon you are going to feel your baby movements. Enjoy that. All the best.
Answer: Hello! It is normal and n to worry about... All these changes will keep taking place. But if too worried can once get checked by the doctor.
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Question: Earlier i was feeling vomiting sensation but from last two days i am not feeling vomiting sensation
Answer: Dear if suddenly the vomiting sensation has stopped it is kind of worrying as these symptoms happen throughout first trimester. Please consult your doctor once just to be on safer side as we need to ensure that your baby is fine and healrthy. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello Dr.i am 9 week pregnant and now the days i feel heavy ness in my lower abdomen and vegina
Answer: Hi Dear! Its common to feel to continuous heaviness and pressure on the vagina or lower abdomen the reason is definitely your uterus which puts a lot of pressure on them and they start hurting, but dont worry it will b fr sometime and will go away.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am feeling pressure in lower abdomen and heavy heavy feeling. Is it normal? I am 10 weeks pregnant.
Answer: Dear feeling pressure in lower abdominal is normal. Initial days you might feel but pain should not persist for longer duration. If any uneasiness you feel please check with doctor. However these pains generally subside after taking rest.
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Question: I am feeling baby kicks in the very lower portion of the abdomen from last two days. Not feeling from the upper or mid portions. Any problem ?
Answer: hi dear there is no problem in this because babies tend to move little by little so don't need you worry much about it you can feel the baby's movements and kick all over your stomach in the following days so don't worry or don't panic about it
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