33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... I am 32 week pregnant and my sugar pp is 133..is this normal? I am having a heridity background history of diebities

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Question: I am 28 week pregnant.My blood sugar PP 133. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, Right now your blood suge is in normal range,but still pay good attention to your diet.it should.be well maintained below 140 throughout.fasting sugar should always be below 100.In pregnancy,sugar fluctuations are common.and women tend to get gestational diabetes.it is due to hormones and lifestyle.hormones you can't control,directly.so change your lifestyle by altering something's in diet and exercise.you can include lot of fibre in diet,complex carbs like oats,brown rice,whole wheat,quinoa.avoid all sugary stuff,refined food items.eat clean home cooked food.including walking daily could be sufficient to bring your sugar level in range.
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Question: I am 13 week pregnant and I am having fasting sugar level 127,though my PP is normal. I didn't have sugar before. Is it normal
Answer: We cannot say anything on the basis of one test To confirm it , you can get a glycosylated hemoglobin test which estimates the average level of glucose in last one month. This will help show a better control rather than a single sugar levels.
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Question: Hi i am 32 week pregnant..... Fasting blood sugar is 105 and post prandalal blood sugar is 133..... I am worried about FBS range it is near to Normal range.... Is this serious problem
Answer: Hi even i was in 30 week found dat my fasting sugar was always in btw 100 to 110 and it was a matter of concern ..as per the dr. and now i am on medication of insulin as daignosed with gestational diabetes
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